How Do I Place an Order?

All orders can be placed online by clicking the "Shop" tab.

Payment and Shipping

All orders are made on a Friday and will be posted the next business day. All products come from Brisbane so please allow for a week to receive your order. COVID has also made things tricky with delivery times, so please be patient. Thank you so much for your understanding. 

Does the Product Need to be Refrigerated After Opening? 

Yes, all of our sauces are made from fresh Fruit's and Vegetables and we don't use any unnatural preservatives​. 

Returns & Refunds

Drop us an email, we want to know how we've let you down and how to improve for next time.

Which Chillies Do We Use?

In our sauces, we use Bird's Eye, Habaneros, Jalapeno's and Scorpion chillies. You won't know what's hit you!