The LavaChilli Story

It all started with a small chilli garden in the corner of LavaChilli founder Matty B's backyard. After a bumper growing season, Matty didn't want to see any chillis go to waste so he set his sights on creating the best hot sauce flavours for his fussy family. 

As it turns out, they were a hit with the harshest critics which gave birth to a whole line of unique flavours l
oaded with fruit and vegetables.

LavaChilli sauces are all prepared by hand with all-natural ingredients, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and natural preservatives.

We use 90% seasonal Australian fruit and veg with only the non-seasonal fruit such as cherries, plums, dates and raisins used to bridge the gap.

We invite you to try our delicious hot sauces, we think you'll find them to be the most intriguing and inspiring flavours available!